Our Service

We are an international inspection institute that supports clients for quality control and information.

JWIF is an independent third-party inspection institute incorporated as a public interest entity. We offer all type of precise and prompt inspection services corresponding to the uses of fabric products to assist our clients to achieve and improve quality. We have committed ourselves to offer our services mobilizing all the JWIF organizations.

Our Quality Policy
To respond to the needs of our clients as a world-level inspection institute as well as to promote reliable inspection activities, we will, under our management philosophy, make our continued efforts so that our technical expertise and know-how will provide our clients with satisfaction and confidence contributing to the society as a public benefit corporation.

International Support Network
We commit ourselves to offer reliable supporting network to facilitate adequate quality control systems for our clients by maintaining inspection centers in northern and southern regions in China, where garments are produced, with high level of inspection expertise equivalent to that in Japan.

General Inspection

JWIF provides performance inspection services for colorfastness strength, shrinkage and other ordinary physical & chemical properties of the textile products.

Colorfastness test
Physical property test
Testing for finished products

Functionality inspection

Recent years, many kinds of functional textile goods are getting more and more popular. JWIF provides performance inspection service for textile products with high functionalities, and is also constructing services for the newest functional products.

Non-charge effect
Warmth and cool feeling effect
UV protection effect

Safety confirmation fore chemicals

JWIF provides safety confirmation service of security for chemical reagent risks with textile products.

Aromatic amines detection
Releasing formaldehyde detection

Authentication for animal hair

Thanks for unremitting technological efforts, JWIF has the best measurement ability for animal hair investigation in the world. JWIF also has world wide networks for getting first-hand information of producing area of animal hair. Therefore, JWIF can provide total supporting services for animal hair products for you.

Flore covering

JWIF also provides inspection services for carpet, rug or other floor covering.

Confirmation of cashmere 100% in textile products

JWIF provides the original certification system for certificating cashmere 100% in the textile products. This system is authenticated by ISO/IEC guide 65.

Image of the cashmere tag